Married Man Sets Guinness World Record For Playing “Call of Duty” For 135 Hours

I am more surprised that this guy is married more than anything else. I don’t know any wife that would allow her husband to play two hours uninterrupted of any video game without asking him to run an errand.

Okan Kaya thought if he broke the record it would be a financial windfall, but according to Complex this isn’t what happened.

Okan Kaya attempted to “pad up” his controller and keep bandages on deck during his quest to break the record. Kaya, who’s a sales manager with online retailer 4Cabling, used the company’s meeting room to set the record.

He took 10 minute breaks between the sessions, slept in sleeping bags and drank energy drinks to stay alert. He also relied on sudden blasts of loud music to keep him attentive. Despite his success, corporate sponsors failed to back his act because they didn’t want to be associated with “addictive gaming.”