Michael Irvin Says Dallas Should Have Won 5 Super Bowls With Jimmy Johnson

Speaking of Jimmy Johnson.

I just reported on Jimmy Johnson and his feelings regarding Cowboys owner Jerry Jones calling himself the GM and architect of those great Dallas teams.

Johnson dismissed all that rhetoric Jones was talking about, and took credit himself for those great Dallas teams.

Well there are at  few other people interested in giving him credit according to USA Today.

Johnson’s “A Football Life,” will premiere on NFL Network this evening, and former Cowboy great Michael Irvin feels Dallas would have won 5 Super Bowls with Johnson at the helm.

“It was devastating,” says ex-Dallas and Hurricanes wideout Michael Irvin of his coach’s departure. “As blessed and as fortunate as we’ve been, when I’m with Troy (Aikman) — to this day — we still talk about, ‘We should have at least five rings.’ ”

Says Aikman, the three-time champion Cowboys quarterback: “I’m disappointed that we didn’t get a chance to really exhaust that relationship and find out how great could it have been. And I don’t think Jimmy spends a moment thinking about it, I really don’t.”

I’m not sure how many championships the Cowboys would have won, but I know if Jones had just check his ego and let Johnson do his thing, the number of rings would be absurd.