Michael Vick Says He’s Gotta Get His Swag Back

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is sitting at the poker table, and he’s all in at this point.

If Vick plays a bad hand and plays poorly, then he loses all his chips and has to start over.

If Vick has a good hand and plays well, then he has about $16.5 millions to be ecstatic and start playing another round.

This is the dilemma Michael Vick is facing as the quarterback for the 3-4 Eagles.

Win out and cash big checks next season.

Fail and it’s a new address with less money and perks.

Vick is aware of all this, and according to the Philadelphia Daily News, Vick knows he must regain his “Swag.”

“When I watched the tape from Sunday, I just thought I didn’t play aggressive enough.”

“There’s a lot to learn from on that film. Probably moreso than any other loss we’ve had all season.”

“I’m very comfortable with this offense.”

“I’m only human, just like everybody else. I think I was just trying to cater to certain things, trying to be what everybody wanted me to be … I gotta get my ‘swag’ back, get back to playing football the way I love to play it.”

The cards have been dealt Michael, how you gonna play em?


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