Michael Vick Says The Media Has Created A Ton Of Turmoil For The Eagles

Michael Vick is trying to get his swag back, after having a heart to heart with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

Vick is aware that his team has gone through some rough sledding, but according to Philly.com, Vick seems to think the media has played some part in making things icy for the Eagles.

“You guys create a lot of turmoil for us sometimes,” Vick said. “It’s cool man. We have to battle through it.”

“The quieter you all can be, the easier for us that we can concentrate and focus as individuals, as a unit as a team and organization,” he said.”

“We are trying to block out everything,” Vick said. “We understand that is the nature of this business. We are trying to keep everything as low key and mellow as possible with all due respect.”

Swag it out Michael, swag it out.

Michael Vick Talks Media Turmoil