Mike D’Antoni Regrets Going To The Knicks

Newly hired Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has another shot at redemption.

D’Antoni has the opportunity to take another talented team to the promise land, to a Championship.

D’Antoni left the Phoenix Suns and Steve Nash in 2008 after a first round playoff exit, and an ultimatum to hire a defensive minded assistant.

He wasn’t having that, and ran to the Knicks and the $24 million contract they offered.

Fast forward four years later, and the situation with the Knicks melted down after bad chemistry between Melo and Amare, and no defense being played at all.

D’Antoni has had time to marinate on the situation, and in an interview with ESPN L.A. admits he shouldn’t have taken the Knicks job.

He should have stayed with Phoenix.

“I should have stuck in there and battled,” D’Antoni told the website. “You don’t get to coach somebody like him (Nash) too many times. It’s pretty sacred and you need to take care of it. I didn’t.”
“I initiated it and I probably shouldn’t have,” D’Antoni said of leaving Phoenix for the Knicks.
“I think we got frustrated and I got frustrated. That’s why I left,” D’Antoni said. “We were there, it seemed like we deserved it, and then it seemed like something happened all the time. Maybe we weren’t good enough either. We have to understand that.

“I probably irrationally made a decision right when the season was over. You should take a month to figure it out. I shouldn’t have left. That was my fault.”

“We had a three-year plan (in New York) and it was good,” D’Antoni says. “There were good aspects of it. But it was better the other way (in Phoenix).”
Moral of the story, the grass is not always greener on the other side, especially if now even after getting the best job in the NBA (Lakers), you refuse to emphasize defense or the coaching of it.
We’ll be having this conversation again shortly.