Mike D’Antoni Says He Was Surprised Lakers Offered Him The Job

We were all a little surprised that D’Antoni got the job.

Everyone knew he was a candidate, but we were led to believe that it was Phil Jackson’s job to turn down. Even Phil Jackson thought that. Jackson’s agent went on an Epic Rant on how Jackson was lied to by the Lakers organization.

Here are D’Antoni’s first public comments about being surprised when he got the call from the Lakers.

“Sure I did,” the former Suns and Knicks coach told the newspaper. “For sure I did. Didn’t everybody? When I got the call that it was me, my first reaction was, ‘Are you serious?'”

D’Antoni said he considered himself “lucky or even blessed” to get the opportunity to coach the Lakers.

“I like this team,” D’Antoni told the newspaper. “We’re good, and we’re gonna get better.”

I wonder if he felt as blessed as the Stripper after she had a run in with James Harden?