Mike Vick & Andy Reid Had 1 on 1 Meeting That Convinced Reid to Keep Him as Starter

Andy Reid said he never considered benching Michael Vick.

According to Maury Popvich’s lie detector that was a lie. In fact The Sporting News is reporting that Vick had to convince Reid to keep his job during a lengthy private meeting earlier in the week.

Reid believed after the meeting that he would lose the team if he benched Vick, an anonymous defensive player seemed to back up that assessment.

“Mike ain’t the problem,” an unknown defensive player told Yahoo!. “Look, we all know he’s struggling. … But we’re not helping him and that’s the problem. The defense isn’t helping him, the offensive line isn’t helping him. …

“This ain’t time to be throwing people to the street. We already had that with (Castillo) and that didn’t work.”

The Eagles simply have to beat the Saints on Monday night or it might not matter how many team or one on one meetings the Eagles have.

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