Monte Kiffin Resigns As DC At USC, Will Pursue NFL Jobs

Well we knew the writing was on the wall for sometime now, it was just a matter of when and  how.

Southern Cals defense has been porous for the past two seasons, and many a pundit were calling for both Kiffins to be fired.

I wasn’t sure if Lane Kiffin could fire his own dad, and in the end he didn’t have to.

USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin has resigned from his post effective after bowl game. is reporting that Kiffin used the excuse he wanted to pursue jobs in the NFL.

“I wanted to make this announcement now so that our players who are preparing for the bowl game and our recruits who will be visiting campus are aware.”

“I really enjoyed my time at USC and the opportunity I had to work with our players and coaches. The chance to work for my son, Lane, was unique and memorable, but we always treated each other professionally on a coach-to-coach basis.

“Although things didn’t always go as well as we would have liked this year from a defensive and win-loss standpoint, I will leave USC with the utmost respect for the University, the Trojan Family and, most importantly, the players I had the good fortune to coach.”

It is my guess that the elder Kiffin put himself on the sword for his brash son and saved him from having to fire his own father.

Monte Kiffin should have no problem finding work, he’s an excellent football mind.

The million dollar question now is who will Lane Kiffin bring in to resurrect his defense.