Morehead St. Coach Sean Woods Shoves And Berates Player (Video)

Last night during a heated battle against the mighty Kentucky Wildcats, former Wildcats player and current Morehead State head coach Sean Woods lost his cool after Devon Atkinson committed a lazy foul, and summoned him over to the bench during an apparent TV timeout.

What ensued after that was about 72 seconds of Atkinson being berated, screamed and finally benched.

The scene would have either made coaches such as Bob Knight and Bob Huggins either proud, or made them cringe.

It nearly drove Atkinson to tears, and caused Woods to have to come back a few minutes later and build his guard back up.

The question now will be whether or not the actions are deemed acceptable, and if Woods should be reprimanded at all.

I am a former athlete and have had coaches berate me and scream me far worse than what took place last night.

I am a bit older than most now, so I’m sure that many will call me a fool or berate me on social media for not criticizing Woods.

I don’t really have a huge issue with what took place.

I would have liked for it not to have happened on television yes, and I’m sure it made a few people uncomfortable also, but what we have to realize also is one of the few people in this world Devon Atkinson will always be able to call on is his coach Sean Woods.

Can everybody play for Sean Woods, probably not, could he calm down just tad bit, probably so, but let’s not get into judging or condemning a man we all don’t know or have any info about.

Sean Woods is a fiery guy, and his team embodies that same fiery spirit.

It’s that same fiery spirit that allowed Morehead State to be within 5 points of the Wildcats with less than four minutes remaining in the game.

I’m not taking up for Sean Woods or saying he’s right at all, lets just not get into asking for his head and condemning a guy for caring to much.

Video courtesy of ehatt600

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  • Totally agree. I was cursed out numerous times by my coach playing ball and I think it made me stronger for it.

  • Hell no, he needs to be berated publicly. he does it to everyone else!That’s not cool, his player’s deserve more! MUCH MORE

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