NBA Christmas Promo Featuring Players In Alternate Uniforms (Video)

The NBA has released its first promotional commercial, for the myriad of games it will have on Christmas Day.

The schedule is not bad at all.

You have Knicks vs Lakers, Celtics vs Nets, Rockets vs Bulls, Nuggets vs Clippers, and a rematch of the Championship with Thunder vs Heat.

I think they have it covered, not sure they left out any of the major players or matchups we prefer.

The NBA designed custom uniforms for each of the matchups also.

The video courtesy of SLAM, is funny, and features the players dribbling to the beat of a Christmas song, with them all finishing at the same time.

Dwayne Wade seems to be the only one that looks lost.

One thought on “NBA Christmas Promo Featuring Players In Alternate Uniforms (Video)

  • NFL stuck in the past with those hiddeous steelers jailbird uniforms meanwhile NBA keeps moving ahead with new modern uniforms but maybe NBA do throwbacks here n there and NFL update ya ish…..

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