Nnamdi Asomugha Says Eagles Fans Expect Him to Be Superman

I am pretty sure the Eagles organization and fans would settle for Aquaman at this point.

Nnamdi says his experience with the Eagles is “not even close” to what he anticipated and he doesn’t really understand why.

He wouldn’t go as far to criticize the Eagles fan base for wanting a winning product and player on the field, but when you read between the lines he is being a bit condescending in these quotes to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I didn’t know anybody, but everybody was on the same page that we were going to get it done first year out of there,” Asomugha said. “Then we saw that we had to jell. Then we started to jell at the beginning of the season, things were on a roll, and we started losing, and that momentum went the other way around for us. I’m mentally strong because I haven’t had the success in the league I’ve wanted since I was a rookie, so mentally, I’ve been able to deal with that and know, or believe, that it’s going to turn around.”

“If a fan has an issue with [how things have gone], they’re not going to get me saying that’s wrong,” Asomugha said. “As a fan, I can look back to teams that I’ve liked, and when a player I’ve liked comes in, and expecting things to just change, and getting upset about that. So I can’t be that guy and look at them and say, ‘you can’t be upset that we haven’t won even though I haven’t Superman on the field,’ even though that’s what’s expected of me.”

I think what Eagles fan expected from Nnamdi is to play like one of the top corners in the league. That is what his salary indicates he should play like, but that hasn’t happened.

It maybe a combination of the system or Nnamdi being overrated, but he simply isn’t the same player that he was when he was in Oakland.