Ole Miss Students Protest Obama Victory, Riot Ensues (Video)

President Obama may have been reelected, but everyone is not pleased with the result.

The Big Lead via WMCT TV in Mississippi is reporting that a few hundred Ole Miss students took to the streets in protest of the presidential election results.

Action News 5 stated that reports that “riots” were brewing on the campus came in shortly after the result of the election were announced.

Reports are that the demonstrations started on social networks, and snowballed out onto campus streets.

Photos were posted on twitter, and videos eventually made their way to youtube.

Reports say some students were arrested because of the unrest.

Students were heckling each other, calling each other racial slurs and other derogatory names.

An Ole Miss journalism student, Margaret-Ann Morgan, says that black and white students were throwing rocks and other objects at cars.

People we really all need to get along at some point.

Rioting, yelling slurs at one another, and being disrespectful won’t help progress nor make people’s live any easier.

2 thoughts on “Ole Miss Students Protest Obama Victory, Riot Ensues (Video)

  • Wow…that’s just plain stupid

  • How ironic ESPN aired their 30 for 30 – Ghosts of Ole’ Miss. Stark contrast of what took place back in the day and what is happening in today’s society ….

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