Phil Jackson Stunned By Lakers Hiring of D’Antoni Was Prepared to Accept Job Today

As is the case often in these situations, someone is lying.

Phil Jackson it is being reported was told that the Lakers job was his to accept or decline on Monday. Unfortunately by Monday the Lakers had a new coach in Mike D’Antoni.

The Lakers are spinning it to say Jackson’s demands were too much and D’Antoni is a better fit for the current Lakers team. Those are solid reasons to hire him, but if that is the case why lead Jackson to believe it was his job to turn down?

Jackson’s agent was on his way to LA to start negotiations that now will never happen. While I believe D’Antoni will be great as the Lakers head coach, their handling of their coaching situation over the last week has been suspect at best.

There will now be additional pressure on D’Antoni from the Lakers fan base, because now they know it was the Lakers not Phil Jackson that decide D’Antoni was a better fit than a coach with 11 championships.

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