Philadelphia 76ers Tickets On Sale for 10 Cents

Do you live in Philadelphia? Low on cash, but want to take a friend or your significant other to a professional basketball game? Well, just take them to a 76ers game…it could only run you 10 cents a ticket. That’s 1 dime, 2 nickels, or ten pennies. That’s right! Last night a pair of tickets to the 76ers/Pistons game were being sold on Stubhub for $0.10.

It doesn’t stop there. How about sponsoring a group of friends??? That’s sure to set you back at least a few hundred…NOPE! Try $0.40 a ticket. In addition to the $0.10 pairs of tickets available, there was also a block of 17 on sale for 40 cents.

Ok…what if upper level isn’t your taste? You like to be on the lower level, closer to the action. Don’t fret, you could sit there for about what it would cost most people for lunch…$11.

Philadelphia isn’t the only city where you can truly get cheap seats. You can watch the Atlanta Hawks take on the Magic on Monday for $1.

I wonder how David Stern, who on the same day projected that the NBA will increase its revenue from $4 billion last season to $5 billion this year, feels about these numbers.