Photos of Chamique Holdsclaw’s Mugshot, Window She Busted & 9MM Shell Casing

Chamique Holdsclaw is being held in an Atlanta jail on $10k bond after an attack on her ex girlfriend Jennifer Lacy.  During the altercation Holdclaw fired a 9mm gun into Lacy’s car.

As you can see from the photos below, Holdsclaw meant to do a lot of bodily harm. This was a planned attack.

Holdclaw has been charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage to property and reckless conduct. I get the feeling if she was a man she would have also been charged with attempted murder and had a bond a lot more than $10k, but I digress.

6 thoughts on “Photos of Chamique Holdsclaw’s Mugshot, Window She Busted & 9MM Shell Casing

  • “She” looks a lot like a he.

  • She was definitely the “man” in their relationship

  • an ignorant SLANTED article by an equally ignorant site w/ ignorant comments by typical ignorant hatin’ ass black men.

  • Who cares which woman was, ‘the man.’ For goodness sake, someone could have been killed. It’s too bad all the community has to comment on is the gay issue and not the real issue at hand…

  • Unfortunately, too many of us have been conditioned to assume that women who commit such acts are no more than “sick girls that need help”. If a man were to attempt the same act against Lacy, the consensus wouldn’t be “I just hope he gets the help that he needs”. No, the masses would be calling for him to be “locked under the jail” and it would be imperative to “put that animal away for life”. This type of thinking derives from the notion that men are innately evil, stupid and bad while women are good natured people. We are ready to send a man to jail for life for hitting a woman but equally ready to coddle a woman that just killed her baby in a microwave because she’s the real victim. It’s pathetic that some may interpret this as an anti-female rant, however, the majority will see that I’m pointing out a huge disparity in our justice system.

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