Randy Moss to Colin Kaepernick: “I’m Proud of You, Smile Bro, You Shined Dog”

A lot of people assumed that is Randy Moss wasn’t a big part of the 49ers offense he would cause a problem, but this is an older and wiser Moss who has been nothing but the model teammate.

You need a good example of this? Look at this interaction between Moss and Kap.

It was late in the game, and the 49ers had the victory in hand. Kaepernick was upset he did not deliver the touchdown pass to Moss. In turn, Moss had nothing but encouraging words for Kaepernick.

Moss: “It’s all good, bro. You live and you learn, man. I ain’t mad at ya, I’m proud of ya, dog.”

Kaepernick: “Man, I’m mad. I’m trying to get it in the end zone. (Inaudible.)”

Moss: “Ain’t nothing to be mad about. Hey, you’ve been waiting on your chance to shine, and you shined, dog. . . Way to go! (Moss hits Kaepernick in the chest.) Proud! Man, smile! I’m talkin’ about smile, bro. You had a heck of a game, man.”

I get the feeling at some point Moss is going to shine himself.

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