Randy Wittman Thinks He Might Be Dumb Because The Wizards Are Winless

The Charlotte Bobcats are playing pretty decent right now, so they can’t be the punchline of any jokes in the NBA.

The butt of every joke right now is the Washington Wizards who are winless at 0-9 and not looking good.

The Wizards do try, and are reportedly disgusted at the fact that they can’t get a win.

One person who feels the brunt of all the losses is head coach Randy Wittman, and he even starting to question his own intelligence Yahoo Sports is reporting.

“I believe these guys can win. I don’t have doubts. I come in here every day, thinking: ‘This is night. I feel good,’ ” Wittman said, before pausing. “I might be dumb.”

“I’m playing 12 and 13 every night. You can’t do that in an NBA game,” Wittman said. “You want to develop a [starting] group and then a group that comes in. I’m having a hard time doing that with the play we’re having.”

“If I had a cellphone, I’d be calling the waiver wire trying to find another body,” he said.

I feel bad for a coach that starts to question his intelligence, because his players can’t hit jump shot.