Rasheed Wallace Has An Interest In Coaching

For all the hyperbole and hysteria that surround Rasheed Wallace, I know for a fact the man knows his basketball.

Wallace has owned basketball IQ ahead of his time for years, so it would be no surprise to those who are familiar with him, that he might want to be a coach someday.

Yahoo Sports is reporting part of the reason Sheed came back, was out respect for head coach Mike Woodson, and his want to eventually get into coaching.

“I know for a fact that’s his aspiration,” says Donaldson. “He loves to teach. I can see him as an NBA assistant. That’s what it’ll have to be for him.”

“He’s more calm now,” says Donaldson. “Stepping away has helped him a lot.”

He shrugs off the idea of coaching. “Just playing,” he insists. But he’s clearly not “just playing.” He’s helping younger players develop their games, which is something that comes naturally for him whether in the NBA or during summer pick-up games at his old Philly high school, Simon Gratz. The media always notice his screaming at refs, but most of his talk is instructive and directed at teammates. Asked if he notices how fans are treating him now, he says, “I’m just zoning in on basketball.”

“You can’t believe everything you hear about Rasheed,” says Tarik Wallace. “It’s simple: He’s about his coach and his teammates. That’s all that matters.”

I think Rasheed would make a great coach.

What do I know though.