Reggie Bush Says He Should Have Been Benched, Apologizes To Fans

Reggie Bush was quietly having a very productive, prove the naysayers wrong type of season for the Dolphins up until this point.

Yesterday against the Tennessee Titans, Bush regressed to old Reggie, running soft and fumbling in the first quarter.

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, still trying to prove to people, just how much of a hard ass he can be, bench Bush in the middle of the first quarter.

Bush bounced back, handled the situation like a man, and according to Miami Herald, apologized to Dolphins fan, and says he should have been pulled.

“I have to apologize to Dolphin Nation,” Bush tweeted after the game, “my performance these past few weeks has been poor & I’m embarrassed right now! You guys deserve better.

“I didn’t deserve to be back in there,” Bush said. “I fumbled the ball and I’ve had two fumbles lost this year. I have to do a better job of protecting the ball. I’ve been in this league long enough to know protecting the ball is the most important thing as a running back.”

Philbin over reached on this one in my opinion.

Bush has been a model citizen, and has run hard for the Dolphins.

Kudos to Bush for handling it well, and not giving the pundits ammunition to use against him.

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