Reggie Bush Wants To Stay In Miami And Help Win A Super Bowl

Reggie Bush has done a lot this season to erase some of the misconceptions regarding him being soft, and scared to run between the tackles.

Bush is having a pretty decent season for a Miami Dolphins team that is equating itself pretty nicely at times.

The free agent to be probably will have a decent list of suitors come next season, but Bush told Fox Sports Florida, that he would like to remain a Dolphin, and help lead them to a Super Bowl.

“I would love to be back here.”

“I don’t want to keep bouncing around from city to city. I would love to be here.”

Bush stated that biggest part of remaining is Miami, is due to the 5-6 Dolphins starting to build something good.

“I really enjoy building something special,” Bush said. “I want to bring a Super Bowl to Miami and kind of restore some of that greatness about the Miami Dolphins. So I look forward to it. It’s like a project almost. You kind of want to build something from scratch. That’s the same thing we did in New Orleans; we built that team from scratch. I look forward to doing the same thing.”

So Reggie it has nothing to do with South Beach, the women, the weather, none of that?