Reggie Jackson Wants Mitt Romney to Be President Obama’s Vice President


A very long time ago they use to do this.

Whoever lost the presidency automatically became the Vice President. As you could imagine that led to an uncomfortble working environment, so they stop doing it.

I doubt Reggie Jackson knew that when he made these comments to USA Today courtesy of Off the Bench, but I feel what he is saying.

“Just because President Obama is back in power is not as important as all of us pulling together,” Jackson told USA TODAY Sports. “The best would be for Obama to be president and Romney to be vice-president. We need everyone to come together.”

Our country is very divided.

Economically, culturally, socially and racially.

The problem as I see it are extreme republicans, don’t like the fact that the USA is changing and they aren’t the majority anymore.  Hopefully this next generation of republicans realize that and try to be a little more understanding. It is no longer just a white man’s world.


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