Report: Lakers Have Been Trying To Trade Duhon And Blake

The L.A. Lakers have a new coach in Mike D’Antoni.

They have a new system, that they will try to convince you they wanted all along.

What they don’t have for the next couple of weeks is Steve Nash and his ability to run that 6 seconds or less system.

The Lakers have two backup point guards, in Steve Blake and Chris Duhon.

Both do different things well, but neither are a game changer at this point.

Pro Basketball Talk via Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, is reporting that the Lakers have been shopping both guards, with neither gaining any interest.

Mannix: The Lakers have been dangling Steve Blake and Chris Duhon in trade talks, source said. Predictably, not a whole lot of interest.

The Lakers need shooters from the point guard position to run D’Antoni’s system, and even though shooting was supposed to be a strength for Blake, he has not shot the ball well in L.A.