Report: NFL Set To Ban All Blocks Below The Waist

I’m not sure where the NFL is going at this point, and I’m truly not sure if the game or the sport will live on past my lifetime.

Every season, every week there is a different rule change, or adjustment to the rules in hopes of making the sport safer, but professional football seems to be heading towards the flag football route.

USA Today via Peter King is reporting that NFL is trying to totally outlaw any blocking below the waist.

Peter King: “Just reported on @NBCSN that NFL’s Competition Committee will consider abolition of ALL blocks below the waist in 2013.”

“I doubt sincerely it will pass,” King tweeted. “Head coaches/offensive coaches will go nuts over it. But I see two specific low blocks to be endangered now.”

“I look for the chop block to be eliminated. And I see downfield low blocks, like the one that injured Eric Berry, to be in trouble too.”

In my opinion the NFL is truly hustling backwards, and seems to be just walking in circles.

Cut blocks when done properly are not a hindrance to the game, just when utilized in the dirty way Matt Slauson chose to utilize his on Brian Cushing.

At some point this game of ours will become irrelevant, because people watch it for the controlled violence and big plays it presents.

The league should spend more time teaching proper blocking and tackling, and less stripping of the rules.

I promise you, no one will pay to watch touch or tag football in pads.