Report: Ray Lewis Could Return To Raven As Early As Week 15

The Baltimore Ravens may be the most suspect 9-2 football team in the history of the NFL.

Most teams will take that claim, but reports are circulating that the heart and soul of Baltimore’s shabby defense could be returning sooner than expected.

Yahoo Sports NFL expert Michael Silver is reporting that Lewis could return from his torn tricep, as early as week 15 against the Denver Broncos.

Raven linebacker and the man replacing Lewis, Brendon Ayanbadejo, got somewhat emotional explaining what Lewis return would mean.

“At the end of the day, you’re gonna see Ray Lewis again.”

“For the greatest player in Ravens history to be able to return from this injury and come on this championship run with us? When he was said to be down and out? Man, that’s critical mass. When he comes through that tunnel, that’s gonna be the earthquake and the tsunami.”

Lewis traveled to San Diego with the team, and took part in his normal pregame speech, but would not speculate on his return.

“You’ve got eyes — what do you expect to happen? I’m here to support my team.”

I understand the importance of Ray Lewis and what he means to Baltimore, but Earthquakes and Tsunami’s when he runs out of the tunnel.


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