Tebow’s Lack Of Playing This Year Could Be Due to Jets Not Wanting to Pay Him Bonus Money

For months now pundits have spoken about the fix being in on Mark Sanchez, and him definitely losing his job to Tim Tebow before he ever had a chance to fight for it.

Could we in the media have gotten that all wrong.

ESPN New York is reporting that Tebow’s lack of playing time has cost him a few million dollars for next season, and could cost him more in 2014 if the situation doesn’t improve.

According to reports, Tebow’s rookie deal which he signed in 2010 with the Broncos, calls for him to receive a $5 million increase in salary next season, and $6.5 million in 2014, if he takes part in 55% of the offensive snaps 2 out of his first 3 seasons in the league.

Tebow was able to easily hit the 55% percent mark last year in Denver, but has played in a disappointing 9% of Jets plays so far making it impossible for him to reach that mark this season.

Tebow’s lack of playing time has been an ongoing conversation, and he would need to start, or take part in a drastic increase in the number of plays he see’s next season to reach any of his bonuses.

Before the season, Rex Ryan said Tebow would see 20 plus snaps a game, which would have gotten him his 55% incredibly,   he’ll be lucky to see 20 snaps all season.

Sources say that the rapid speculation about his playing time, on top of talk about his bonus money is tied into the fact the Jets are in serious trouble with their cap, already being on the hook for $8.25 million of guaranteed money towards Mark Sanchez in 2013.

All jokes aside, we reported last week on talk of Tebow being a victim of the situation he is in.

If the Jets really did trade for Tim Tebow on the premise of dominating the headlines everyday, but knowing full well the landscape of his contract and the fact that they had no intention of him meeting those incentives, is Tebow really a victim in this case.

Most importantly though, are the Jets guilty of more than just being a sorry franchise at this point in, but also just plain criminal.

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