RG3 Says He Rather Be Compare to Aaron Rodgers than Cam Newton

RG3 and Cameron have a few things in common. They both won the Heisman trophy and they are running a hybrid of the read option offense in the pros.

That is about it.

Cameron is huge quarterback along the lines of Ben Rothelisberger while RG3 is built more like Drew Brees. Cameron is a more physical runner like Tim Tebow and RG3 is more explosive runner like a young Michael Vick.

RG3 is a bit more of an accurate passer and doesn’t sulk like Cameron.

The is an unbiased comparison of the two quarterbacks and yes they are both black you can say it without whispering, it is ok.

RG3 rightfully so has higher standards than just being the next Cam Newton.

I’d rather be compared to an Aaron Rodgers or a guy like that,” Griffin said, via Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, “someone who has won Super Bowls.”

RG3 seems to be aware of how quickly people turned on Cameron and using it to stay humble.

“You try to appreciate everything and try not to weigh too much on your personal success so that you don’t have to be humbled,” Griffin said. “I don’t want to ever need to be humbled because I always appreciate things and make sure I continue to forward and try to do better.”

With that being said the honeymoon period for any quarterback only last so long, when RG3 hits a bump in the road hopefully he handles it better than Cameron.

2 thoughts on “RG3 Says He Rather Be Compare to Aaron Rodgers than Cam Newton

  • As much as I like RG III, the only thing he will be compared to is a “Corpse” if he continues to run the ball.

    His coaches are trying to get him killed for some stupid reason or other…..

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