Ron Artest Hits Jeremy Lin With The Peace’s Elbow (Video)

I am going to need the Rockets’ announcer to settle down a bit.

Doesn’t look like it was done on purpose or with any malicious intent. Wonder if Lin will blame his race on getting hit in the face?

2 thoughts on “Ron Artest Hits Jeremy Lin With The Peace’s Elbow (Video)

  • He taking “Throw them Bows” to a whole new level, Ludacris would be proud!

  • Well first of all this man has a history of doing “inadvertant” fouls in his entire career. 2nd of all it was flagrant because if you get fouled like that you obviously knows someone is right behind you because his hands are on the torso and theres no need to swing your hand upwards where you know that his face will be there. I know this is but stop protecting and nut hugging black athletes who are in the wrong.

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