Scorned Jumpoff Tries To Expose Chad Johnson With Penis Pics, Texts & Video



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There are rules to the game.

For the fellas I even pointed them out.

The 10 Commandments For the Cheating Athlete

But there are also rules for women as well, but apparently they don’t follow them.  For example let’s take Jessica.  After she was called a Goblin by Chad Johnson’s ex-wife Evelyn Lozada on Twitter, she decided to go on a full out assault on Chad Johnson’s character.

She did the standard stuff. Released some text messages (took some work to do that collage), a “leaked” photo of Ocho and even an alleged video he sent her.

Also you can never forget the alleged NSFW Penis Pic that can’t be verified (view at your discretion).

What exactly does all this accomplish?

I don’t think Chad is all that worried about it, but there are lessons to be learned here. You have to be very aware of who your jumpoffs are.

If they are attention whores, things like this will happen. You want your jumpoffs to be more low key, not showing their ass in every single photo they take in the hopes no one notices their face.

Heed my warnings and you won’t have to worry about a “Jessica” trying to expose you.


  1. Or.. if you are an attention seeking whore/thot (of the male variety) don’t do anything in the dark you can’t attest for in the light.

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