Seahawks Richard Sherman Blames Failed Drug Test on Teammate Spiking Water Bottle

It’s a cold world when your friends start to turn their back on you, and the same can be said when teammates throw you under the bus. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman violated the leagues substance abuse policy and was nabbed for taking adderall.

Shermans’ excuse was he shared a drink from a teammate who sprinkled adderall in his water bottle.

Sherman tweeted that the truth will come out and he’s not worried.

While that might be true, that is a weak and dumb excuse to fail a drug test. This just goes to show as we get older, not all of us get wiser. For this very reason is why you shouldn’t share certain things. You can never be sure what someone else is putting in their body, so why take the risk and endanger yourself?

If anything he should be suspended on the basis of absurdity alone. We should all use this as a teaching tool, trust no one, teammates, friends, or family and control what you can control.