Shaq Answers Question About Hating on Dwight Howard By Flashing Rings (Video)

Shaq claims he is trying to motivate Dwight Howard by continually needling him at every opportunity. Doesn’t seem to do anything but annoy Dwight, but Shaq isn’t going to stop any time soon.

As you see from the video below, Shaq says he has the right to be critical of Dwight because he has four rings.

One thing Shaq mentions is that for Dwight to be a dominant center he has to average 28 and 15, so I took a look at Shaq’s stats and I can see where he is coming from somewhat.

While Shaq never had a regular season where he average 28 and 15, he did four postseasons where he did.

Dwight Howard isn’t Shaq and while there is some truth in this comedic rant there are better ways to try to help a young player out than just belittling him all the time and being salty about a nickname.