Shaq Buys a House a Couple of Miles From His Mansion, I Wonder What For….

According to TMZ Shaq bought him a $235k house (chump change for him) 30 miles from his mansion in Orlando.

Shaq could be renting it out or just want a smaller place to crash after a night on the town or…….

This is commonly called a Jumpoff house, meaning that athletes and entertainers don’t want their mistresses or sidepieces insider their regular home where their kids and family hang out so they buy a smaller property to get their Ron Jeremy on.

Very common among millionaires.

I wonder what his Ex-Girlfriend Hoopz thinks about this who is now offering personal trainer services?

Would you like to work out with Hoopz?

Here are 3 NSFW pics of her.




More pics of her.


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7 thoughts on “Shaq Buys a House a Couple of Miles From His Mansion, I Wonder What For….

  • I get tired of athletes and actors buying fancy homes and flaunting their wealth.

  • so friggin what? to one his own, leave the poor guy alone. if he wants to live like a normal human being, so be it.

  • @TorontoBULL….FOX73,COM. is the website. They train you so you dont need experience and it’s all work athome. $15.50 hourly

  • Until I read this article, I had lots of respect for Shaq. He looks like a pimp in that picture, too.

  • good for the dr. oneil. he bought a house.
    im renting out an apartment where’s my fucking article.

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