Stan Van Gundy Says He’d Coach Dwight Howard Again

No hard feelings here…

According to Sports Illustrated Stan Van Gundy says that he would have NO problem coaching Dwight Howard again. You’ve said your relationship with Dwight Howard is good these days, correct?

Van Gundy: Yeah, it is. We’ve been in touch throughout the offseason and throughout his rehab. I’ve kept tabs on what has been going on with him. I’ve said from my standpoint that my thoughts of him are all good. I don’t know how many games we won here in five years but it was a lot and he was a huge factor in that thing. He did a lot for me and he was an easy guy to coach, one of the smartest players I have ever coached. He was coachable and practiced every single day. We had our differences and they became public. Had we been left to handle them on our own, I think things would have been a lot of different. If you had to coach him again, there would be no issue?

Van Gundy: Not from my standpoint. Heck, if I were ever anywhere again and he were available, I’d be knocking down the door of my general manager to do anything to get him.

I can’t say that I blame him.  If there’s a premium on one thing in the NBA it’s good big men.


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  • Yeah he’s saying this now but I’m not sure I totally believe him. But since the odds of Stan coaching Dwight is slim right now it sounds good that they made up and are all lovey dovey…lol

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