Steve Young says ‘Gauntlet had been thrown’ for Starting QB position in San Fran

Former 49’ers quarterback Steve Young was candid on how he views the brewing Quarterback drama between starter Alex Smith and his 2nd string, Colin Kaepernick on yesterday’s post game coverage on ESPN.

Coach Jim Harbaugh admitted that he would play the hotter quarterback, instead of doing the status quo and saying he’ll stick with his starter. Young chimed in with his thoughts on the matter

To me, in a quarterback controversy there’s three places to have it: there’s one out on the street, there’s a quarterback controversy in the locker room. Both of those are survivable, but one that’s not survivable is when there’s a quarterback controversy with the head coach. You’re in trouble, honestly it gives me the shivers for what Jim Harbaugh is basically saying. The gauntlet is thrown down. Colin Kaepernick in my mind from watching that, I’d say that he wants Colin Kaepernick to play. I can’t look at it any other way.

If anyone knows anything about dicey QB situations, surely it’s Steve Young. And anyone who knows Jim Harbaugh then you know he’s a guy who speaks his mind. If he wants to start Colin then he’ll do that and not make any apologies.