Stevie Johnson Is Tired Of Chan Gailey Praising The Bills For Effort

The plight of the moral victory, and all that comes with it.

When you’re a downtrodden franchise in any sports, you get enough moral victories, and it starts to feel like you’ve won.

We all know that such a thing is not the case.

After a while, being praised for effort but no victory is like being so close to owning a Mercedes, but always qualifying for a Kia.

Such is the life for the Buffalo Bills, who constantly give great effort, but don’t have the wins to show for it.

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson was on NFL Network yesterday,  and according to Pro Football Talk is tired of hearing head coach Chan Gailey praise the team for effort.

“Every week he’s saying that we have the effort, you know, that we’re playing hard. Which is obvious,” Johnson said. “At this point you can’t be a team that’s so-called turning the corner if you’re not winning games. We still have more work to do. We still have to learn how to finish these games to be a team that’s making a push for the playoffs.”

So much for effort huh.