Suh Tells Anonymous Scout To Grow Up And Be A Man Or Woman

Ndamukong Suh’s honeymoon in the NFL is over.

Suh came into the league and was considered this well-rounded, articulate, aggressive defensive tackle who would change the game.

That is no longer the case.

Suh has been involved in a few traffic accidents, garnered attention for being a very dirty player, and had his effort questioned lately.

This morning reports came out about an anonymous scout who feels Suh has been coddled, and lacks work ethic.

Suh was not feeling that bit of criticism, and shot back at the anonymous scout according to Pro Football Talk.

Suh said that scout should “grow up and be a man or woman.”

“It’s really funny that we’re keeping everybody anonymous,” Suh told reporters today. “I wish people would kind of grow up and be a man or a woman and say exactly how they feel and put their name behind it. I mean, I really don’t care. . . . I don’t really care what you have to say about me, as long as my coaches feel that I’m producing for my team. I continue to prove that and show that day in and day out as well as in games week in and week out.”

I give him credit, Suh could care less about what people think about him.

He does need to step his production, but he or she that feels he’ coddled definitely should put their name to the statement.



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  • I am not sure if you watch every Lions game, but I do. Suh has actually had some of his most disruptive games as a Lion this season. I hope you are not looking at sacks as a way to gauge his productivity.

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