Suns To Offer Money Back Guarantee To Fans For Game Vs Mavs

After yesterdays perceive NBA debacle where Greg Popovich sent four of his Spurs starters home for a nationally televised game against the Heat, teams are quickly trying to become more fan friendly.

USA Today is reporting that the Phoenix Suns are guaranteeing fans will have a good time at the game against the Dallas Mavericks next Thursday night.

Suns officials are so sure they’ll have a good time, that team officials are offering a money back guarantee.

Phoenix brass says anyone who buys a ticket and attends next Thursday’s ball game, will have their money returned if they don’t have a good time, or are not completely satisfied with their experience regardless of whether or not the team wins or loses.

The Suns say the offer is actually the first of its kind.

Team President Jason Rowley gave a brief message on the matter.

“the ticket rebate will go to fans who leave the arena unsatisfied after experiencing what he termed the excitement of Suns basketball.”

Well Suns fans, who’s going.