Tennessee QB Tyler Bray: “I’m Paid to Win Football Games”

Those SEC checks are nice I’ve heard.

Only USC can compare, just ask Reggie BushCameron Newton’s dad was building churches off the SEC payment plan.  Was this just a slip of the tongue by Tyler Bray or a moment of clarity?

“I’m paid to win football games,” Bray told reporters Tuesday. Such a statement led to the inevitable follow-up question: Um, what?

“I mean… my education. That’s what the SEC likes to call ‘getting paid,'” Bray said.

That isn’t exactly how it is supposed to work in college.  They don’t pay your scholarship for you to win Football games, your scholarship is supposed to be for you to get a higher education while playing football.

Someone might want to check Bray’s bank account, he is hiding something like Mitt Romney.

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