Terry Bradshaw Says Reggie Bush Was Chasing A Bucket Of Chicken (Video)


In this new age of social media, and quick, fast in a hurry reporting you must be aware of what you say on television.

Fox NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw was breaking down Dolphins running back Reggie Bush’s touchdown run against the Colts, when he for some reason felt the need to describe the intensity Bush was running with, to “Chasing A Bucket Of Chicken.”

I have no idea if Bradshaw meant to say what he said, or if it was racially motivated, but please Terry, smarten up nas.

And I need that apology ASAP.


  1. I am an african american male and I do not associate myself with what type of food I eat. The last time I drove past a chicken franchise there were white and black people eating chicken

  2. Terry made the “bucket of chicken” comment to make fun of Jimmy Johnson as part of an inside joke among the Fox NFL crew.

    This is a non-story.

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