Titus Young tells Lions fans to find a new bandwagon to hop on

The Detroit Lions have been a disappointment so far this season.

Coming off last season’s 10-6 campaign, many felt the Lions were a team on the rise and would make the playoffs once again. So far they are 4-5 and sitting in last place in the ultra-competitive NFC North divison.

Fans have voiced their frustrations in many platforms, but receiver Titus Young decided to let fans know how he feels about them via Twitter.

As a lifelong Lions fan myself, I certainly wouldn’t refer to our fan base as “some timing” fans.

Expectations were just higher after last seasons success and since we have struggled for the majority of our existence, I believe we just hate to see the team take a step back.

Of course, all this can be remedied with wins on the field and there are still plenty of games left.