Tony Romo Says Dez Bryant Has Come Full Circle, Matured

Dez Bryant has had a rough go off it over the last year and a half.

He’s had a domestic issue with his mother, been placed on house arrest by his adviser, and had his intelligence and football IQ question several times.

There have been reports lately that the light is starting to come on in Bryant’s head.

He may actually  now be getting it.

He has a huge supporter in his quarterback Tony Romo, and according to Antonio, Bryant is coming around now.

“Dez has come full circle from where he was a couple of years ago. We go by catches whether or not someone has a good game as fans or as media, sometimes. But when we watch the tape, we go by how he blocked, did he get open? The coverages are going to dictate who’s going to get the ball,” Romo said in an interview with 103.3 FM, via the Dallas Morning News. “But does he run his route right? Is it precise? Is he quick in it? He’s come 180 degrees, almost full circle where he basically gets to a point where he understands the game. Let’s say he started off doing it 70 percent when he first got here. Then he got to 85. He’s really close to being a guy where it’s 100 percent. You got to go through some things sometimes but he’s a kid that wants it, that works hard, and he’s got a really bright future.”

I for one am rooting for Bryant, and hope he can leave the thuggish behavior alone, and focus on being the force we all know he can be.