USC Fined For Deflating Game Balls Against Oregon, Student Manager Fired

ESPN L.A. is reporting that the Pac 12 has fined and reprimanded Southern Cal for deflating 5 games ball to a weight below regulation levels for their matchup between Oregon last Saturday.

Oregon went on to smash the Trojans 62-51 at the Coliseum.

USC blamed a rogue student manager for the deceit, who admitted the wrong doing, and that person was subsequently fired from their job.

USC claimed that no coaches, staff, administration or university officials had any knowledge of the deflation.

Three balls were reportedly found to below regulation before kickoff, and 2 more were found under regulation at the half.

USC announced in a statement that the university had been fined and reprimanded by the Pac 12 office.

Having played college football, I can attest to the fact that softer footballs are easier to control, throw and catch, leaning to an advantage for the offense.

Teams use their own footballs during games, so either the manager was a genius of a football mind, or something else was going on here.