Vikings Christian Ponder Says Dating ESPN Samantha Steele Isn’t Causing His Poor Play

It is probably just a coincidence that once Ponder publicly announced he was dating Steele that his quarterback play has been at Grossman like levels.

But, when things like that happen people will go searching for reasons why.

Ponder for his part thinks it is ridiculous.  Paul Allen on KFAN in Minneapolis asked him directly if Steele was the problem and here is what he had to say courtesy of No Guts No Glory.

“She has nothing to do with it. We’ve been dating since the beginning of the season, so she had also to do with the five wins. So it has really nothing to do with anything on the football field.”

This is part of the process of being a NFL quarterback.  When you are winning you are a hero, when you are losing you are the villain.  The only way Ponder will keep the media off his back about his personal life is if he starts winning games again.