Von Miller Says He’ll Do The Superman If He Sacks Cam

Broncos linebacker/pass rush specialist Von Miller is turning to a sack master extraordinaire, and those sacks all go to a good cause.

USA Today reports that after every one of his sacks, Miller does a sack dance, and after the dance, donates $1,000 to his charity that provides dances, contacts, and eye exams for needy children.

If Miller is able to get a sack or two Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, there will be no donations this week, Miller will be borrowing someone else sack celebration.

If and when Miller sacks Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, he plans to do the Superman celebration made famous by Newton.

“That would be great,” Miller told USA TODAY Sports Thursday afternoon. “I hope I get a chance to do it.”

“This is the best sport in the world, so to get to go out there and show excitement in front of millions of people, that’s like you’re getting paid to party,” Miller said.

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