World Series Champ Matt Cain Celebrates With WHISKY

World Series Champion San Francisco Giants will celebrate in style this week as they enjoy donning the MLB crown. And now, thanks to pitcher Matt Cain, they will also enjoy some rare Crown Royal, too.

After leading the Giants to victory by throwing seven strong innings in Game 4, Cain decided to gift his teammates with a specially embroidered bottle of Crown Royal Extra Rare. Crown Royal XR (retailing for $129.99) is available on a limited basis as the whisky hails from the famed LaSalle distillery near Montreal which no longer produces whisky. Cain distributed this gift after throwing a perfect game earlier in the year and felt it was appropriate to carry on the tradition for his team.

“Giving each of the guys their own bottle of Crown Royal XR after the perfect game made me pretty popular in the locker room so I knew it would be a great way to crown this incredible team achievement too!” said Cain.