World Series Champs Get a Record $377,000 Bonus

The MLB has dispersed their 2012 World Series bonuses and the San Francisco Giants have been given the largest bonus in league histroy at $377,003. Baseball is no longer the most popular sports in America but they aren’t letting that stop them from spending money. The bonuses this postseason went up across the board and most teams were paid nicely for their work in October.

Yahoo! Sports further broke down the numbers:

A full postseason share for the World Series champion San Francisco Giants was worth a record $377,003, breaking the mark that had stood since the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals.

In the first year of the expansion of the playoffs from eight teams to 10, the players’ pool was a record $65.36 million, Major League Baseball said Monday. The previous mark of $59.1 million came in 2009.

Yahoo! Sports goes on to break down some of the other bonuses handed out to playoff teams:

Full shares were worth $122,558 for the Cardinals, $115,065 for the New York Yankees, $37,865 for the Cincinnati Reds, $37,045 for the Washington Nationals, $34,826 for the Baltimore Orioles, $34,325 for the Oakland Athletics, $19,609 for the Atlanta Braves and $16,999 for the Rangers.

These bonuses may seem like a night out for the A Rod’s and Fielders of the MLB, but these are a nice holiday gift for the young players at the end of some of these teams’ benches.