49ers Colin Kaepernick Birth Mother Wants Back in His Life

Yahoo Sports goes into great detail about Kaepernick’s birth mother Heidi Russo attempts to reconnect with the son she gave up when he was just six weeks old.

Before I read the story I assumed Ms. Russo had just jump back into the picture once Kaepernick started to make his mark in the NFL.

It isn’t unusual for mothers or fathers who have given up their children for adoption or abandon them all together to pop back up once they see their child on TV doing amazing things.

That doesn’t appear to be the case with Ms. Russo. While she stop having regular contact with Kaepernick’s adoptive parents when he was six or seven years old, she has been trying to reach out to Kaepernick since he started college.

As you could imagine this puts Kaepernick in a very uncomfortable situation. He doesn’t see his parents as “adoptive” parents they are just his mother and father.

This isn’t like the Blinside movie where the adoptive parents come into the picture when the guy is a teenager, they Kaepernick’s have had Colin for all but six weeks of his life.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong solution to this problem. Whatever Kaepernick chooses to do should be supported by both his adoptive parents and his birth mother.

Hopefully there is a happy ending to the story.