Aaron Rodgers Hopes Alex Smith Will Go Somewhere He’s Appreciated

Supposedly there’s an unwritten rule in the NFL that a player should not lose his position to injury, but that’s exactly what happened to 49ers quarterback Alex Smith.

Smith’s friend and 2005 draft classmate Alex Smith, spoke to NFL.com about the benching.

“Alex and I are buddies, we both got drafted in 2005 NFL Draft, and he’s been through a lot,” Rodgers said. “I can’t imagine to have to go through that many offensive coordinators and the turnover in coaches has been tough for him.

“He comes in, he’s 70 percent completion, he’s 100-plus quarterback rating last year, he’s like barely over one percent interception percentage,” Rodgers went on. “He’s a great quarterback, he just needs to go somewhere he gets appreciated for the skills he has and hopefully he gets a chance next year.”

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh took a huge risk when he decided to name Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback, and it’s a decision that seems to be paying off.

Even though Smith has had descent numbers, there were always questions about his consistency, and until he quells those question marks he may never gain the “appreciation” Aaron Rodgers thinks he deserves.

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  • I wouldn’t say supposedly there is definitely an unwritten rule about players losing their job due to injury. Especially when that player was not playing badly, its Harbough decision but I don’t like how it went down. Don’t use the injury as an excuse, just be honest

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