After Chiefs Jovan Belcher Murdered His GF, He Kissed Her on Forehead & Said “I’m Sorry”


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Slowly more details are coming out about what happened in the hours before and after the murder suicide of Jovan Belcher.  Unfortunately these details raise more questions than answers.

The Kansas City Star has piece together a timeline from the offiical police reports and here is what we know.

The Chiefs were aware of the problems that Belcher and Perkins were having in their relationship and were trying to help him.  In their words they were “bending over backwards” for him.

On the night before the murder as numerous outlets have reported Belcher was upset that Perkins had stayed out late after attending a Trey Songz concert, but we know now that was more of the last straw than the singular reason for the homicide.

There were some awful rumors that Belcher was upset because he thought that Perkins was having an affair with Trey Songz.  That is 100% untrue and irresponsible for anyone to report.  This had nothing to do with Trey Songz, it had to do with Belcher being upset that Perkins had went out with friends and came home late.

What was previously unreported was that Kansas City Police spotted Belcher asleep in his car Armour Boulevard early that morning.  The police at the time didn’t think he was unfit to drive and allowed him to drive home.  He arrived back at his residence around 7am.  No one knows what Belcher was thinking about while he was in his car, but according to police there was no signs of what was about to happen.  Toxicology reports have been taken on both Perkins and Belcher, but the results won’t be known for weeks.

The argument with Belcher and Perkins started shortly thereafter, no one knows or will ever know what specifically was said.  Belcher’s mother who was in town helping Belcher and Perkins watch their 3 month old daughter said she heard Belcher yell something to the effect: “You can’t talk to me like that!”

A few minutes later  is when she heard the gunshots.

Belcher’s mother raced to the bedroom only to see her son kiss Kasandra Perkins on the forehead before telling her he was sorry.  At that point Belcher apologized to his mother,  kissed his infant daughter and fled the scene.

Belcher traveled to the five miles to the Chiefs facility where he confronted Chiefs GM Scott Pioli.  Belcher stepped out of his car with the gun pointed to his head and said.

“I did it, I killed her.”

Pioli did his best to try to get Belcher to put down the gun, but wasn’t successful, Belcher thanked Pioli for all he had done for him and asked that his daughter be taken care of.

When Romeo Crennel and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs arrived and also tried to stop Belcher,  he told them simply “I have do do this.”

As Crennel, Pioli and Gibbs pleaded with Belcher to put the gun down, police officers started to arrive at the scene.  Belcher hearing the sirens said to them.

“I got to go, I can’t be here.”

That is when Belcher kneeled behind a car, made the sign of the cross and shot himself in the head.

Just a tragedy for all that were involved.  Belcher with his actions has destroyed so many lives and damaged many others.   The question that everyone keeps asking is “why”?

It is a question that we may never have the answer to.

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