Allen Iverson Fighting Atlanta Mansion Foreclosure, Says Its Tawanna’s Fault

Allen Iverson is in China somewhere getting buckets and cashing checks for his appearances, but TMZ is reporting that Iverson still has his attention on business in America, most importantly preventing his Atlanta from being foreclosed on.

Iverson is fighting the auction, and has  filed legal docs to put a stop to the sale.   Iverson’s $4.5 million sale was scheduled to be auctioned off on December 4.

Iverson has filed a lawsuit against the lender that’s trying to take the home, claiming he never consented to the loan.  According to legal documents, Iverson says his estranged wife Tawanna signed off on the mortgage in order to screw him over, knowing he wouldn’t be able to meet the terms of the mortgage.

The lawsuit has stopped the auction for now, giving Iverson time to plot his next move.