Allen Iverson Scores 37 in China Against Former AND1 Players (Video)

Allen Iverson is currently playing basketball over seas in China, a similar road other athletes have taken when an NBA contract is not extended.

In a recent game during his tour of China he played against some former AND1 players and dropped 37 points. Now before we hop on the ‘AI is back’ bandwagon, from the highlights and the score the level of defense played in this game looks to be next to none.

The score was 136 to 144 with Iverson on the winning team. So no matter how diminished his skills may be, people should have all the faith in the world that he can get buckets in an elevated pick up game.

Where the real question comes in is, is Iverson really committed to the game of basketball, and how bad does he still want one more shot in the league? Is he willing to take a lesser role and not be a headache?

Only time will tell if he will get a shot, but I think all we’ll be left with are grainy videos from China if we want to watch the Answer play ball.